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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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response times in parts of contra costa. i'm christie smith and i'll have that story coming up in a live report. a live look over downtown san jose on this wednesday july 20th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, thanks for being with us on this wednesday morning. it is now 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. meteorologist christina loren is here with a look at your hour by hour forecast. looking nice and hot outside. >> if you like the hot it is nice. some people don't like to turn on ac, they like pg&e bill. if you live in the valleys you'll likely be turning it on. mid-90s, significant changes over the past 24 hours. i'll let you know when this mini heat wave will come to a close. more importantly what you can expect for the weekend. right now 6:00 a.m., mike, you've already been busy this
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morning. what's going on out there right now. >> i was going to tell folks calming down to typical commute then we get this report for 580 westbound slowing into livermore to be expected. a new accident around the dublin interchange watching as folks are pulled to the shoulder. see a slowdown. chp a new report, a pretty serious accident in san jose. i'll have that for you coming up. >> thanks, mike. 6:01 today, san francisco police chief will try and calm the tense situation in the bayview district when it holds a community meeting today. this comes after protests turn extremely violent last night. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in the castro district following the latest developments. i believe you're in the bay view, though, not the castro, last weekended fatal shooting by police officers. >> good morning, we're in the castro district, in the bayview at 6:00, san francisco police chief greg suhr with supervisor
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coen will meet to address over concerns of a police shooting death of a 19-year-old man, a shooting police say was justified. but there are over 150 people here yesterday who would beg to differ. at least one of them made their feelings known by breaking this window at bank of america branch at castro and 18th. whoever good this isn't the only one police say got out of hand. officers ended up arresting 35 people during last night's protest march started at dolores park made its way to castro. they smock bombed muni station, as they passed mission police station someone through a hammer at officers. no one was hurt. many people in the community want more police accountability and independent investigation after what happened there saturday afternoon. this is when kenneth harding was shot and killed by sfpd. the aftermath captured. you should see it on cell phone video, angry people surrounding
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officers after the shooting with harding on the ground there lying there dying. two officers tried to stop harding at the muni bus station because he didn't have a transfer ticket. police say he took off running and started firing at police officers. at least one of those officers responded, shot back hitting harding who later died at a hospital. turns out kenneth harding was on parole and a person of interest in a deadly shooting that took place a week ago today in seattle. a woman there was killed in that shooting. there's been a lot of outrage since saturday afternoon's shooting death of harding. apparently on sunday there was a group of young people attacking muni bus drivers throwing objects at them slightly injuring one of them. again, taupe, a community meeting held at sfpd, 6:00 at the bayview opera house not far from the actual shooting itself that took place over the weekend. reporting live, bob redell,
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"today in the bay." >> we'll continue to follow this story. thank you, bob. in the meantime san francisco police say they have more evidence that could prove that shooting was justified. they say 19 year old kenneth harding had gun residue on his hand. they say that would suggest he did, in fact, fire at officers saturday. police also point to this video which shows what looks like a gun on the sidewalk. they say it is harding's gun. people in jail in connection with the murder of a union city mother and the burning of her body. we spoke to oakland homicide and they tell us they are not releasing the suspects' names or mug shots at this time. they arrested the two men in east oakland yesterday. someone killed 21-year-old woman and set her body on fire in the middle of the street last week. she was the mother of a 3-year-old. the funeral for her is scheduled for friday morning. new morning the chp is looking into a deadly
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hit-and-run in east richmond. a car hit a man who stood in the westbound lanes of interstate 80 near mcbride avenue last night. the white chevy car kept going and exited onto mcbride. chp says several more cars hit the victim before emergency crews could even get there. anyone with information is asked to call the chp. 6:05 new video in the crash and east bay, car smashes into the back of a big rig. the accident happened after 2:00 this morning on westbound 580 at the scales in livermore. you've got to check out this video. the car ended up wedged underneath the back side of this big rig of the rig then dragged the car for several hundred yards before it stopped. medics airlifted one person to the hospital via helicopter. all lanes reopen before 5:00 this morning. a new study out this morning suggests major budget cuts are causing big problems in policing some east bay cities.
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that's doubling response times in some cases. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in martinez with more on the study and impact it has on the people who live in the east bay. good morning, christie. >> good morning. when you come to the courthouse in martinez or jail you find quite a few deputies working. a new study shows the sheriff's department in contra costa county is having a hard time with all the budget cuts. it has done things like forced 50 sworn officers out. they were laid off. this is also reductions in patrol and other services and even standard response times for the majority of top priority calls are hard to meet. instead of the five minutes that is the goal, the reality, according to this study, is closer to eight minutes and 39 seconds. the study overseen by a county-based group ensuring
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adequate services of it's not just the sheriff's department they looked at, they looked at police agencies across the county. they found they are doing things such as cutting special crime fighting units, closing substations, driving their cars longer, just to keep patrol officers out on the streets. now, among the suggestions to fix it, taking a look at the six cities that have big unincorporated areas nearby like san pablo, pleasant hill, brendwood, concord, antioch, walnut creek. the suggestion there, consider annexation, that would mean higher taxes for residents there. that certainly might be controversial. the county is going to take a closer look at this on august 10th. they are also going to be taking public comment for people interested. again, that's august 10th at the board of supervisors chambers here in martinez. reporting live in martinez, christie smit christie smith. >> thank you, christie. rescuers will try again to find
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a husband and wife and maybe one of their chrn who may have slipped into a yosemite waterfall plunging 300 feet onto rocks below. rangers at yosemite park still don't know how many hikers may have been swept over the falls or how it may have happened in the first place. they tell one of our sister stations they saw a man and woman climb over the safety rail and put their feet in the water and then call for their kids to join them. campers say they saw three people fall do the river. >> when they fell, i actually saw a head pop out and go back in. it was -- i was shocked. i mean, to see people fall from that high, and the current. the trail that leads to the waterfall is shut down to visitors while rescuers continue their search. eight people have died so far this year alone in accidents near yosemite's falls.
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at&t is getting green light from city leaders to improve its network in the city. the board of supervisors narrowly approved a plan yesterday to install 700 utility boxes around san francisco. it would improve internet, cable, land line phone services. opponents to the proposal say the four foot tall boxes would block pedestrian traffic. they also say it would inconvenience property owners and they are calling them an eyesore. work on the project could begin as early as today. pension reform in san francisco is making its way to the november ballot. the city board of sups unanimously approve placing the proposal in the hand of voters. it would makety workers pay more toward retirement benefits and it would cap benefits received and raise the retirement age. mayor lee says san francisco would save almost $1 billion over a ten-year period.
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another measure which should make it to the ballot, he says it would save the city even more money. good morning, 6:09, meteorologist christina loren with a look at your warming up forecast. >> yeah, we've got a little bit of a warm-up. it's only going to last a couple days. that's great news if you've been waiting for summertime. our temperatures have been below seasonal averages for just about 10 days now. we had some really cold days last week, although mid july and this week we're looking towards a couple hot days. 95 degrees. that's pretty hot in livermore. high pressure is the reason why, can see it in the eastern pacific, clouds arcing up and around that strong ridge. as we head to the next 24 hours, this guy will stay put but then changes on the way friday through the weekend, an area of low pressure, see this trough digging in here. that's going to cool us back down to the 80s. we're looking at a really interesting pattern. if you're looking for the cool weather we've got it for you and the hot stuff as well. a little bit of something for
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everyone this week. mostly clear start this morning, that's why we warm up so much. perfect day for outdoor lunch plans in the city of oakland or san francisco. by the weekend temps start to cool down once again. we're tacking on an additional 10 degrees from yesterday's highs today, then doing to subtract 10 degrees friday. couple of warm days 60 livermore. noon as you break for lunch 62 in oakland, can't beat that 80 in novato. round out the day with mitt 90s in fairfield concord 94, 94 in livermore and 92 in los gatos. want to make weekend plans, i'll help you out. i've got that seven-day forecast ready to go but first let's get you to work on time with mike inouye. >> a new accident, a location further north from here. this is a southbound 101 between highway 87, guadalupe parkway. involves a motorcycle. the chp says the motorcycle looks like it is totalled --
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just uped it to a sig alert with your two right lanes, two slow lanes closed. emergency crews are arriving on scene, and we don't know how long this closure is going to last. there's a van involved as well, bound to be spectators heading through the south bay in towards san jose and highway 87. we watch that, speed sensors will adjust over the next 10 minutes. northbound looks good, though. end with a live shot of golden gate bridge. fog could be an issue as well just starting to touch folks on the roadway from lorin. no slowing so far. >> isn't it amazing, you can't st see the bridge in that shot. >> won't last long. cooler day in san francisco. gorgeous. you saw the shot in san jose, not a cloud in the sky this morning. >> that's where we are so we like it. more to come on "today in the bay," apple looks to be bigger than ever. scott mcgrew shows us why coming up in tech today.
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n fst'sowamilyeports's a setback in his recovery. an update next.
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good morning. welcome back. 6:15, a live look at san francisco from san bruno cam, bay bridge off in the distance with a layer of overcast skies. deputies in marin county mourning the death of one of their own killed by a parolee not in the line of duty but while helping a friend. deputy jim mathiesen was off duty tuesday morning when he went to a friend's home in peta luma to give her advice about her ex-boy friend halloran. hal ron arrived at the home at
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the same time at mathiesen. he shot him twice, took her hostage. the mother grabbed a gun shooting and killing halloran. deputy mathiesen leaves behind a wife and two kids. this morning we're learning bryan stow's road to recovery is suffering a setback. the family posting on the website that stow had emergency surgery earlier this week to remove a massive amount of fluid building up in his brain. during the surgery doctors found a growth on the brain that had to be removed as well. the stow family says brian is recovering and some movement and slight opening of his right eye. almost four months now and still searching, the reward has climbed to $225,000 for anyone who helps lead police to stow's attackers. the l.a. county board of supervisors boosted the reward money yesterday by $15,000. the chief of police in l.a. said giovanni ramirez remains the main suspect in the case.
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right now ramirez is serving a 10 month prison sentence for a parole violation. stow remains in critical condition. he was beaten in the dodgers parking lot march 31st. new studies show a half million undocumented immigrants living right here in the bay area. public policy institute of california found 563,000 undocumented immigrants make up this region. santa clara leads bay area with 180,000, alameda county came in second with 124,000 and contra costa had 79,000. the study showed the numbers seem to be dropping as immigrants move inland or to another state. researchers used tax returns. previously national estimates, mathematical models to come up with these figures. it is 6:17 time to get a look at that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla.
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taking a live look at alcatraz what a beautiful, beautiful picture. you can actually see for miles this morning just a hazy layer. really no significant fog except the golden gate bridge. it's not going to last that long. we're going to see a clearout already. high pressure moved in and kind of changed the weather pattern around this morning. you can see clouds arcing around that big strong ridge but only going to what were us up for a couple of days. take a look at the weather headlines this morning as we head throughout the day today, that mostly clear start make for hot instead temperatures, med 90s and upper 70s near the coast. finally at the coast where it's been cool and damp the last couple of days. finally going to get that sunshine nice and early already seeing that trend. we're going to start out warmer tomorrow morning, so i think it's going to be hotter in the afternoon as a result. 58 right now in san francisco, 58 in san mateo, 58 in sunnyvale
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on way to the mid-90s in places like fairfield and concourt, even livermore today. yeah, break out those short sleeved shirts, maybe even a tank top. your seven-day outlook shows you on friday we drop off again. back to you, marla. thanks, christina. b.a.r.t. is making it more expensive to park in certain lots. find out which ones next. the fight against hacker group anonymous centered in san jose. we'll talk about it in tech coming up. 580 your commute direction westbound earlier big rig accident completely cleared from the roadway. now the slowing due to your typical commute. following a deadly accident declared for the south bay. show you the commute there coming up. a live shot at hp pavilion in san jose. clear skies in the south bay. t ristinahat has full look a the forecast coming up. stay with us. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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[ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. welcome back at 6:22. unfortunately mike is busy following a deadly accident in the south bay. what's going on for the commute. >> marla, it sounds like at least a couple lanes blocked, likely two right lanes from what i understand. at the scene of this motorcycle and van accident. sounds like the motorcycle was completely totalled and the coroner has now been called to the scene on the southbound side of 101 at san tomas roadway.
6:23 am
quite a bit of slowing as emergency crews start to arrive on scene seeing that continue to build for both directions. we'll watch this portion of the south bay north of highway 87 as you come in from san jose and sunnyvale. meanwhile looking at the build through livermore and things holding pretty steady at the dublin interchange after the earlier accident at the shoulder, 17-minute drive outfit of the altamont pass, 16 miles per hour sensor over at horizon. a smooth drive overo slow in the typical spot holding at 50 through baypoint. 57 over there, a little slowing through the walnut creek interchange, no problem through the caldecott tunnel, 19-minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the toll plaza metering just turned on there. i don't know if i put a live shot in there for the report. i did not. we'll ends with the shot of the maze through the toll plaza metering lights just on. back to you. >> thank you, mike. get ready to pay a little extra next time you park at a
6:24 am
peninsula b.a.r.t. station. price will be $2 a day starting august 1st. the change south san francisco, san bruno and millbrae b.a.r.t. stations. b.a.r.t. will look at how many stations next few months, increase, decrease or keep the prices same depending on what it finds. 6:24, at least 13 accused hackers heading to court in san jose to answer to charges part of the worldwide movement known as anonymous. a hacker group that struck everything from the pentagon to paypal. scott mcgrew joins us with that. >> it's the paypal that makes san jose the center of the story. hackers hit after the owners of ebay made them angry. prosecutors are using that case as their first attack on anonymous filing an indictment in federal court in san jose. at least 16 hackers caught up in a nationwide sweep are from
6:25 am
ourary. the group often wears masks in public. here they are seen targeting the church of scientology, another target. take away the mask and you find this student. her lawyer said what she did was little more than civil disobedience sending information to paypal to overwhelm it. selling more than 9 million ipads in three months. more ipads than computers or ipods. the only thing to beat it is, of course, the iphone which now accounts for half of apple's revenue. apple the second most valuable company in the world. now, steve jobs was not on the conference call with reporters and analysts. he stepped away from the day-to-day operations. "the wall street journal" says several apple board members have been reaching out to try to find jobs' eventual replacement.
6:26 am
he's been ill, stepped away from the company twice. it's a normal thing for a company to do, sense tifr with apple, something any major company would do. >> talk about giant shoes to fill. >> i don't think they can. tim kirk would be, in my opinion, the best one. that's my opinion. but it would be like edison. >> thank you, scott. 6:26, till to come on "today in the bay," emergency response time nearly doubles for deputies in the east bay. we'll tell you why and what could be done to fix the problem. protesters clog the streets of san francisco to protest a police shooting plus new developments in that case next in a live report. a live look at an overcast san francisco. you can see the golden gate itthh aorchrist wa lith a look forecast in the next half hour. stay with us. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
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san francisco police call a special meeting tonight to address anger over this weekend's officer-involved shooting death of a young man here in the city. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. a new study shows that budget cuts means slower police response times in parts of contra costa county. i'm christie smith, we'll be talking about that, plus some possible solutions and what neighbors are saying coming up in a live report. and a gorgeous day is on the horizon. a live look at the tower with a layer of fog underneath. a pretty shot this wednesday july 20th, "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us 6:30 on wednesday. i'm marlin ark tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. meteorologist christina loren
6:30 am
has a nice job today bringing us nice, hot weather. >> good morning to you, laura. we'll be back tomorrow. we have some really nice wet out there if you've been looking for the hot stuff. you just saw from that cam, you can see the top. as a result temperatures will start to rise in the city of san francisco to about 79 maybe even 80 degrees today. i've got that full forecast, let you know when we cool back down if that's what you're looking for. that's coming up in moments. it's 6:30 now, let's get to you work with mike inouye. >> with the warmer weather we see many more motorcycles on the roadway. unfortunately what i'm reporting this morning, a motorcycle accident. coroner called to the scene of the 101 on the southbound side at san tomas roadway. two slow lanes blocked, northbound side feeling the impact. that is your commute direction. that's picking up right now at 6:30. and we have a lot of spectators
6:31 am
across the roadway, all emergency crews. a big issue for the south bay. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:30 now. temperatures rising in the bayview district. san francisco police chief hold a face-to-face with the community tonight. this comes after a nighttime protest in the city turned extremely violent. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in the castro district where he's following latest development in the wake of the shooting by police officers. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you marla. yes, san francisco police chief greg suhr has called this special meeting tonight to try to calm some of the anger that erupted in the bay view district and address people's concerns over saturday's officer shooting death of a 19-year-old man. you see some of that anger spilled over here into the castro district last night where protesters marched. you see one smashed a window at the bank of america branch. should be noted appears to be isolated weren't able to find damage.
6:32 am
last night's protest march was more disruptive than anything to the point they arrested 35 people. the march started at dolores park when they arrived here in the castro. protesters smoke bombed the muni station here and disrupted service along market. at the mission police station someone threw an hammer at officers. no one was hurt. marchers demanding more police accountability after saturday's shooting death of kenneth harding. two officers had tried to stop harding at the muni station in bayview because he didn't have a proper transfer ticket. harding ran and started firing his gun at officers. at least one of the officers shot back, hit harding. as you can see in the cell phone video after the shooting harding is laying on the ground while an angry crowd surrounds police and started yelling at them. he ended up dying later at the hospital. harding was on parole and wanted for questioning in a shooting
6:33 am
death of a young woman in seattle. there's been anger. over the weekend a young group of people apparently attacked a couple muni bus drivers by throwing objects at them slightly injuring one of them. so again, a community meeting called tonight by san francisco police. san francisco supervisor will be there at 6:00 at the bayview opera house not far from the actual site of the shooting itself. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> no doubt tonight's meeting is going to attract quite a crowd. okay. thanks, bob. also this morning san francisco police say gunpowder residue on harding's right hand proves he fired at officers before he was killed. this video here shows what police say is harding's gun on the ground near where he was shot and killed. 6:33, a south bay woman in jail this morning accused of trying to kidnap a toddler by
6:34 am
trying to snatch the toddler out of her mother's arm. san francisco plays say the 3-year-old and her teenager sister were playing outside their home on park avenue. 26-year-old flores walked by and tried to coax the toddler into going away with her by offering her candy. when the toddler ran inside into her mother's arms flores followed and tried to pull the child away from her mother. the mother fought off flores and called 911. police arrested her a few blocks away. a new study out this morning suggests major budget cuts in the east bay are doubling the time it takes a deputy to respond to an emergency. "today in the bay's" christie smith is more with how this is going to impact people in the east bay. this is not what you want to hear. good morning, christie. >> good morning. not at all. we just spoke with a man who volunteers at this courthouse in martinez. he says, yes, the courthouse is
6:35 am
strained, deputies work here, he sees them doing more with less, longer lines inside, frustration with cuts across the board. certainly results of this new cannotwide study comes as no surprise to him. the department's recent loss of 50 sworn officers means response times are down from the standard of five minutes to an average now of nearly nine minutes. that according to this study that looked to police departments in the county and found many are doing things like cutting special crime fighting units, closing down substations just to keep their patrol officers on the street. the study also found, though, that crime has declined in the county. we spoke with one resident who says there really are no easy answers. >> in safety issues is a concern. i do have to sometimes question the level or the amount of money
6:36 am
that we spend or whatever. >> now, the study suggests a couple of things that can be done including the six cities that have larger incorporated areas, consider an exing including san pablo, pleasant hill, antioch brentwood, concord, antioch, walnut creek. the county will be talking about this more. if you want to weigh in on it, they are going to have public comment august 10th, board of supervisors chambers here in martinez. reporting live in martinez, christie smith "today in the bay." thank you, christie. the outlook is not good this morning for an east bay teen rescued from a collapsed sand tunnel. the parents of 17-year-old ryan buick say their son will most likely never be able to move on his own again. ryan has been in the hospital since june 25th. that's when he was trapped under
6:37 am
neat the sand with no air for 10 minutes. he was on a church trip at a watsonville beach when this happened. 6:36. this morning east bay leaders battling a new housing project and transportation improvement agencies. oakland mayor and other city leaders will announce today their backing of a lawsuit to save the agencies. they say without state funding affordable housing projects and improvements, transit will not be completed. governor brown signed two bills last month which will eliminate 400 redevelopment agencies by october. some agencies would remain only if local governments usedist property taxes to pay for projects in place of state funding. almost 40,000 marijuana plants will go up in smoke today. the santa clara county sheriff's office will destroy a number of illegal marijuana plants found around the county. the 40,000 plants found so far have an estimated street value
6:38 am
of more than $60 million. 6:37, the layer of fog behind me here blanketing san francisco. meteorologist christina loren says it's going to burn off. >> you can see the city from that picture. it is not impacting those rooftops this morning of the buildings. we actually have a really nice start for you. what we do have in terms of low cloud cover squished by this big rig of high pressure. you're waking up this morning with a mostly clear start over the city of san francisco. you will find that fog along the bridges. let's talk about what you can expect later on today. high pressure starting to warm us up, 63 in hayward, 56 in san mateo, 57 in santa rosa. we're on our way to about 68 degrees at noon now. over the past few days i've left quite a bit of cloud cover in this extended forecast for noon. 68 without a cloud in the sky in the city and that will continue to be the case through 4:00 p.m. you're going to hit a high today
6:39 am
of 79 degrees. so just a gorgeous day in the city of san francisco, great for outdoor plans, walk the dog, get out there and enjoy that sunshine. get some vitamin d. it's been kind of dreary the last couple of days. 83 in redwood city, 90 san jose, 93 in gilroy. stay tuned i not only have that giants forecast ready to go for today's big game, i'm also going to tell you about a hurricane located to the south of baja right now. show you where it's headed and if it could impact mexican travel plans. that's coming up now. let's get you to work on time if you're traveling to work, mike is here to help you. >> a really rough day, a couple of big incidents for the south bay. this one right now going on deadly accident declared for the motorcycle driver driving southbound on 101 as you're passing by san tomas expressway two lanes closed. no dramatic slowing just some there near san tomas. slowing on the northbound side, look at that slowing.
6:40 am
typical morning commute off capital some passed 680, distracted by the activity on the scene as well. folks head south 880 or down 87 or just don't even take 280 through the area. our chopper just arrived oppose scene. we'll get live pictures. a little bit shaky on the signal, fire trucks and a lot of chp crews on scene. if we can take that live shot, not sure we can, chopper above it and big back-up a shaky signal. i'll show that to you guys, a lot of activity going on. warmer weather motorcycles hitting the roadway and that's a dangerous situation. >> always. >> they wait for days like this to ride their hog to work. >> unfortunately situations like this. >> you have to be careful. a good motorcycle day if you're careful. >> i know you'll talk about the forecast at at&t park coming up still ahead giants get some help from a fresh face. see how big of a night rookie
6:41 am
bell had in his return to the majors. medical experts advise the government to offer more free birth control methods to women. what that could mean for californiart fshm waoningt. poro fingtm . hello parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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[ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you. welcome back. it's 6:43. millions of women could soon get free access to a wide variety of birth control methods, big news here in california where more than half of pregnancies are
6:44 am
either unwanted or mistimed. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington for more. good morning, tracie. >> good morning. the recommendation comes from the prominent institute of medicine. in fact they were asked by the government to take a look at what women's services should be covered for free by your insurance company as preventive care. among the several they recommended was birth control. the law already requires free preventive care. they took a closer look whether they qualified. over half the pregnancies in the country and more than half that in california as you mentioned are unplanned. many women use the bill but forget to yit. many women shell out $30, $40 a month to get that contraception. now it may end up being free. a recent poll found three-quarters of americans would like to see religious groups and conservative groups who oppose it. the government expected to make
6:45 am
a decision by august 1st. >> okay. thank you, tracie. we'll be keeping an eye on the case. the debt ceiling, looks like there's light at the he said of the tunnel. a small group of republicans and democrats came up with a plan to reduce the deficit. both sides think they can work with it. it includes $4 trillion in spending cuts including half a trillion to medicare, lower taxes and a trillion dollars gained by closing tax loopholes. some lawmakers are skeptical. >> it has to be passed with 67 votes to get around caps. that's going to be highly unlikely. >> we should mention the plan is different than cut, cap and balance deal republicans pushed through the house. that plan is expected to die in the senate die. nfl player reps could get a look at the almost end of the lockout today. the league and players still
6:46 am
have a few remaining work out before the agreement is final. enough of it is done and a rough draft can be presented to players. 49ers expected to start training camp next week and looks like they could be there on time. also tied up in the nfl lockout deal the plans for 49ers stadium in santa clara. the collective bargaining agreement will include a stadium credit for the niners, a stadium credit is basically an avenue to land a stadium loan from the nfl. keep in mind, the team would still need to actually get that loan approved to build the new stadium. the giants are going for the sweeps of the dodgers this afternoon. game time is 12:45, which means it will ab short turnaround from last night. look who is back in a major way. rookie brandon belt hit a home run in his first at-bat since his return from the minors. way to go. later he knocked in the deciding runs with this double in the seventh inning, on fire. giants win 5-3.
6:47 am
not the case for the a's. the a's are back in detroit today. their game starts at 4:05. luck was not on their side yesterday. check out this play at the plate. suzuki misses the tag not once but twice. the runner hits the plate. they lose 5-3. how about little guys out there. bay area little leaguers looking for help as they try to make the little league world series but they need your help. they are undefeated. the kids are trying to go to southern california for a week long tournament and a side trip to disney land but they are $1,000 short of their goal of the parents are dealing with money issues of the kids, though, are just looking forward to the trip. >> going to the world series. >> we haven't lost one. >> why is that? >> because. >> because we're too good. >> they are too good they say. i love it. the team is accepting donations
6:48 am
honest website. i'm sure they are going to get some help there. good luck to them. 6:47 now, meteorologist christina loren standing by with a look at your forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you, if you're waking up in the city you'll need your shades this morning. the sun is already shining over san francisco. quite a few people letting me know on facebook how much they are enjoying the clear start. it's not going to be the case all week long, not into the weekend. we're going to get a couple of really nice days. offshore flow probably for the next couple of days, next 48 hours, will continue to leave us with very little stratus to start. that's great news, warm up significantly, both days a 10 degree jump as a matter of fact from our daytime highs yesterday. that's what we're expecting today, just a touch warmer as we head to tomorrow. here is something that could impact your travel plans, if you're headed towards cabo san lucas the next five or six days, we are going to watch this, hurricane dora. hurricane dora is forecast to
6:49 am
become a major hurricane over the next 72 hours. what we noticed here just this morning is that very, very well-defined eye starting to take shape here. this hurricane is strengthening. what we are expecting, dora will continue to head out to sea but continues to hook. i think we're going to see a little impact here along the baja peninsula, probably outer bands creating a rough surf and really could make for bad travel plans. check ahead with your carrier. if you have the luxury postpone travels for a week and dora will be out of here. she's going to considerably weaken through the next five to seven days. mostly clear start for us, beautiful day on top hot inland upper 70s near the coast, temps cool down for the weekend. switching off affirm c to fly fan once again but a couple of hot days where you're probably going to need it especially places like livermore concord, east bay and south bay valleys mid-90s. 60 in livermore now, 93 later on, 92 gilroy.
6:50 am
a great beach day. if you hit pacific, a, i'm forecasting 70, 75 santa cruz and 79 in san francisco. we do have a gines game, should be comfortable. bring your sunscreen. high uv index with all that sun shining through already. by the time you make your way home from the game, we usually see a lot of fog through daly city. today is a weird day where it's clear for the most part. 86 by friday, cool back down to the weekend. gorgeous weekend on tap. next week looking very, very warm. triple digit weather back in the bay. back to you. >> what a spectacular day to be at at&t park. thanks, christina. 6:50 now, a surprise passenger pops up in a family's suv. find out why police are looking for that stowaway. that weird story coming up next. two big ipos on the market. we'll talk about it coming up in tech today. >> 101 through san jose made worse because of a sig alert on the opposite side of the
6:51 am
freeway. we're watching progress as we investigate deadly accident through the south bay. and don't forget to check us out on facebook, just search nbc bay area ew us. we'll be back. freshening breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough. so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle.
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good morning, 6:53, a beautiful shot, clear shot over san jose. unfortunately it's a different case when it comes to the morning commute. we're tracking a deadly accident slowing down the commute. >> that earlier shot downtown 87, right in downtown. that's okay. look at the maps slowing in both directions for 101, southbound side has the deadly accident involved with a motorcycle on the scene.
6:54 am
we have our photographer allen who arrived on the scene 101 flashing lights. two lanes blocked on the southbound side of 101. you see that right as you're approaching san tomas, crews on the right. two lanes blocked. you see a couple of lanes getting by slowly, chopper has overhead view shown as folks fanned over into the carpool lane as well as one of your normal traffic lanes, investigation because of the deadly accident will continue. we do not know when the lanes will open. slow on the maps, southbound side approaching san tomas, northbound side because of the distraction slow over towards 680 from capital expressway. the area i've circled will be impacted as well as folks head to 280 out of the back-up at 101, 85 will see a heavier flow as well, another parallel route, folks try to completely stay clear of the area. be prepared for the ripple affect through the south bay. east bay slow spots, 242 through concord, 580, no problems
6:55 am
through concord just metering lights. a family got a surprise when they found out they had a stowaway in their car. shannon carter driving in elk grove 15 minutes before a man popped up from the back of her suv. can you imagine that? the guy was actually a burglary suspect police were looking for. >> he popped up almost instantly as we stopped. >> in our car. >> unbuckled seat belts, came flying forward. he apologized and said i just got in a fight at the school, please don't call the cops. of course i called 911. >> the kids reaction priceless. the man ran away stopping one more time to apologize. police have not caught him. senator dianne feinstein leading the charge to overturn the defense of marriage act. the senate will consider senator
6:56 am
feinstein's bill which could pave the way to legalizing gay marriage. president obama says he supports the new bill, says the defense of marriage act is unconstitutional. he has ordered the justice department to stop defending it encourt. the defense of marriage act is a federal law passed back in 1996. it defines marriage as an act between a man and a woman. british prime minister david cameron spoke to the parliament just a few hours ago about the phone hacking scandal that's rocking his country. but most of the talk is still about yesterday's hearing with media mogul rupert murdoch. a protester tried to splatter murdoch in the face with shaving cream. you can't really see it in this shot but you can see that woman in the pink diving toward the attacker and her husband. that's, of course, murdoch's wife. you can see the 6 foot tall volleyball walker on her feet to pry to protect her husband.
6:57 am
a self-confessed comedian and activist, before he threw it threw an almost quote from charles dickinson, a tale of two cities, it's a far better thing that i do now than i've ever done before. splat. 6:57, a couple of big ipos today. scott mcgrew joins us now. >> good morning. you've got zillow and skull candy. zillow opening the nasdaq this morning. stocks slightly higher an apple's great news. apple is up 3 1/3%. apple a stock to watch. that company, marla, turned in record profits on tuesday. one analyst just titled his report, wow. steve jobs list of how he would put it if he were there. >> boom, boom, boom, boom boom. >> steve jobs loves the word. a collection of his various presentations over the years.
6:58 am
phenomenal stock, up $12 just today. >> the i-boom. >> i'd like to see a little more hand action with that. >> see you later. >> thanks for being with us. have a great day.
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